Thank you for your interest in helping the children of His Arms, Kenya, and the His Arms Mission Program. There are many ways that you can participate in our program. Our shopping cart is secured through PayPal. Please note, your payment will remit to Peace Lutheran Church of Baldwin, Wisconsin.

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(monthly sponsorship fee)

* in the notes section, please enter the name of your child.

if you would like more information on sponsoring a child click here.

Psalm 139:14 Project, $10
(for preteen/teen girls)

If you would like more details on the special project click here.


$25/per student/for one year

High School Scholarship
(high school tuition is $350 per year, but any amount of donation is appreciated)

*if you want to donate a scholarship to a specific child, please enter that child's name in the special message section.

Special Donation

* if you have specific instructions for your donation, please enter them in the notes section at checkout


Mattress, $25

Male Goat, $42

Female Goat, $37

Malaria Net, $7

Rooster, $11

Hen, $9

Stove, $20

Jigger Medication, $13

Water System, $18

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