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Ebenezer Project
The Ebenezer Project is what our Kenyan friends have named a new project His Arms has also adopted. They have chosen the name based on 1 Samuel 7:12 where we read "Thus far the Lord helped us, and he named it Ebenezer (stone of help)."  This project helps people in the rural Maseno Kenya area living in extreme poverty help to become more self-sustaining, to help break these vicious cycles of poverty.

A donation to this project allows us to purchase a goat or chicken from one of the local farmers. This goat or chicken is given to the recipient, often in honor of a loved one here in the States. In other words, the one honored does not receive the animal, but instead receives a card indicating this special gift.  The goat receiver in Kenya is expected to give away the first born goat then to another in great need, and on and on. It is the gift that keeps on giving!  It helps the receivers to become more self-sustaining.  

In this current economic time we realize that many families are feeling the tightening of their wallets. If sponsoring a child is not an option for you or your family at this time, but still feel the need to help, there are so many ways you can!

If you would like to make a special donation to His Arms Orphan Mission there are many needs that you can help a child(ren) with. Click here here for a Special Needs Donation Form and follow the directions listed.

watotoWatoto Education Project
Watoto means Children in Kenya. It is fitting that this next project is called that, since a child helped start it in USA and it benefits the children in Western Kenya.  Brenna Rowe was only 11 years when she helped begin the project. Now with one successful trip to Kenya behind her, she continues to plan more trips in the future. She even taught in the schools while visiting Kenya and meeting many of the 206 children who attend primary school now due to the Watoto project. When she found out children in Kenya could not go to school since their parents did not have the $25 to send them per year, she wanted to help do something about it.  So she did!  She has been telling Sunday School groups, school groups, churches, and everyone who will listen about this great need. She loves her education and she wants to see this dream come true for children in Kenya where their parents may only earn 75 cents per day, with food costing 50 cents a day.  So to come up with $25 is very difficult. We at His Arms agree. Education is so important if these children are going to escape extreme poverty. Please prayerfully consider donating any amount of money to help a child realize their dream in Western Kenya to get $25 to go to primary school and pay the school fees and buy the mandatory uniform to do so.  Click on "Donate" button. You will see Watoto project listed. 

diabetiesEmergency Diabetic Fund

This fund will be used with our Kenyan neighbors who are diagnosed with Diabetes but too poor for any medical help.  We will work with our local nurse in trying to utilize any funds to the best of our ability to keep this diagnosis from becoming a death sentence.  Thank you for helping the hurting in the Western Kenya area that His Arms work in. Any amount of funds donated will go to this special fund.





Male Goat ($42), Female Goat ($37)
Goats take relatively little food and can live on much of the plants in the area.  Goats can provide milk and of course, meat to their owners.  Or their off-spring can be sold at market.

Rooster ($11), Hen Chicken ($9)
Chickens are also able to free range, and live off local food sources making them a relatively inexpensive livestock to own. They lay eggs, a great source of protein, and provide chicks, multiplying relatively quickly.  As more chicks are born, the owners then can either eat the meat, sell extra chickens or acquire more eggs in which they may be able to sell.

Malaria Net ($7)
Mosquito nets are very important, but relatively still rare in this area of Kenya. Malaria, spread by the mosquito, is the leading killer of children though in this area. It is estimated that 1 out of 4 children die before they are 5. Studies have shown, that merely using this relatively inexpensive net over the child's sleeping area (whether bed, blankets, or the ground) can greatly reduce the chances for the child to get malaria. Mosquitos carrying Malaria only come out during the evening. Thus these nets can literally save lives!

Mattress ($25)
Mattresses are also very important. In the rural area of Maseno Kenya, where we work, many of the children lack beds.  They may instead only have a blanket between them and the bare ground, or in many circumstances, may only have some rags or dried corn stalks to rest their heads on at night.  One of the added dangers to this situation is the problem they have with a parasite called jiggers, which enters the body usually at night while sleeping on the ground, or can enter thru bare feet as well. This little parasite, resembling a maggot, can burrow further into the body, deteriorating bones, tissues and systemically infect the brain leading to brain damage. Therefore by buying these simple 4 inch thick mattresses these children can be kept off the ground at night and greatly reduce their chances of acquiring this horrific and painful infestation. They do not even mind sharing this precious mattress with other siblings as well.  

Water Systems ($18)
For a donation of $18 a donor can help a struggling family have cleaner, safer water. This system is made from a large container that has a narrowed top, which prevents children from sticking their hands in container and contaminating it. The water that is gathered at the river, is poured into narrow top, then drops of a disinfectant solution is placed in the water and then the pot covered by a little cap. At the bottom of the pot is a spicket where one can turn the handle releasing safer, cleaner water.  It is actually slightly above the bottom of the pot which helps the dirt and sand to collect at the bottom rather then have to be used. Then periodically this can be tossed, when a new pot of water is added.  The whole system is only $18 including the solution which can last for several uses.  This simple system is saving lives, plus offering a cool clean water for consumption.

Stove ($20)
For just $20 a donor can donate a stove to a struggling family.  This unit is hand made from clay, but in such a way to minimize the use of wood.  The way it is developed helps the hardened clay to maintain the heat longer, with the small fire built below it.  A special pot is used within the system to also help maintain that heat. This also keeps smoke more limited within their homes, making for a healthier environment.  This $20 also included the installation and building of this stove which allows struggling women trained in this art, to become employed.  It is a win-win situation. 

Jigger Medications ($13)
For just $13 a donor can help a child dealing with the infestation of a terrible parasite that this area of Kenya deals with. This little parasite, resembling one of the USA's maggots, infects a person by invading the body through even a slight break in one's skin.  Because they deal with lack of water, and more dehydration, they deal with dry skin and often this results in more cracks.  When the children and adults sleep on the ground during the night, or go barefooted from lack of shoes, they are even more prone to this horrible parasite.  Once inside of the body, it cause much pain, plus further burros and can even infest the entire body, especially the brain. It can be a leading cause of developmentally delayed children in school.  But for treatments of just $13 (which can treat an entire family) it can help eliminate this horrible problem

Psalm 139:14 Project ($10)
This project was organized after various women on a mission trip to Kenya in 2011 realized that the self-esteem of young women was being affected by how their menstrual cycle was being handled.  Because many of the young girls in school lack the money to buy the disposable products, "accidents" were occurring while in school.  If this did happen, they were often ridiculed and made to feel less then perfect. Often these girls would never return to school again. Or these young women would then choose to stay away from school during their entire monthly cycles. This not only affected their self-esteem, but their level of performance in school as well.  Thus a donors gift of just $10 can buy 6 re-usable/washable cloth pads  and a pair of underwear to use with them.  These are made by local struggling women who we hire to make up these kits. It gives them employment plus helps these young girls.  The kits are distributed them through the local schools.  We have had many request for these items.  Many have said how life changing this has become!  "For I am fearfully and wonderfully made." Psalm 139:14.   We want these girls to know this is nothing to be ashamed of.  This is how God made them!  Help us to not allow women and girls to be further down-graded by donating to this project.

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