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Commitment of the USA volunteers to help ease the burdens of the poverty stricken orphans in the Great Maseno Area of Kenya, East Africa.

Who will qualify as a sponsoring unit?
Someone in the USA who

What can a sponsor expect?
The program will make an effort to get a picture of the child for the sponsor with a brief history of his/her situation. The program will make a great effort to notify the sponsoring family unit of the child’s report on a regular basis including the health of the child, and if the child remains in school, how the schoolwork is going, etc.

sponsor2What with the $25 pay for?
These funds will pay toward simple meal elements in effort to avoid malnutrition. Some funds will be used to purchase uniforms, school fees, or school notebooks required to attend the local schools if the child is of school age. Some funds may be used for basic medical needs, hygienic needs, clean water systems and other items to make the child's life more healthy. This program will attempt to use only 12% of its funds for administrative cost on the Kenya side of the program like bus fare for the monies to be distributed, and the children to be monitored. (People in these areas lack private sources/vehicles to get around but instead walk or use the public buses or rental bikes. Our Kenya volunteer coordinators will also need to travel to Kisumu to pick up the funds to distribute.)

There are many ways that you can help. See below for the many options:

if you would like to become a sponsor for a child in Kenya

If you are not ready to commit yet as an child sponsor, but would like to donate for some special needs or towards the travel cost of our next mission trip, please click here.

if you would like more information on:

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2016 Mission Trip - Still not too late to sign up and join the latest mission group heading to Western Kenya!!

2015 Annual Report -

2015 Mission Trip Completed -

In October of 2014 we were able to bring our Kenya Director & Founder, Florence Oyosi to the USA with the help of various supporters paying for her travels and lodging.  She visited in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Montana, Arizona and California while here sharing information about His Arms Ministry and our kids.  It was an exciting time for so many sponsors and supporters to personally meet our Kenya leader!

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