2017 Mission Trip Donation

The definite time for the next trip has not been decided for 2017.  But we are looking for a looking for travelers for our upcoming Short Term Mission Trip to Kenya. If you have had it on your bucket list to be a traveler on one of these adventures some time, we would love to have you prayerfully consider this one.  While there we plan to work with the local special needs school that recently opened.  Plus we have a new preschool we will be working with and sharing time with. Plus we always put on large Bible School like activities for our children from the His Arms Orphan Project while there.  It will include crafts, games and songs.  It is a high energy fun event for 250 children or more.  Depending on our travelers and their talents we also hope to do medical home visits, teach in area schools and make other home visits with our children.  We would love to share more computer skills as well should travelers be gifted with those. We truly can use anyone’s talents and gifts.

Our travelers are each responsible for paying for their own airfare, housing, and transportation while on the ground in Kenya.  We do not charge excess fees over and above those actual cost like some Mission trips do.  Each traveler is encouraged to fundraise for their cost and for items we will need to carry on our projects listed above.

Please email Nancy Rowe for more information or to be considered for the next mission trip.

Travel and Accommodation Expense

- a donation to one of our missionaries travel and accommodations expenses.


Watoto Education Project

- a donation in support for primary school education.


Building & Education Donation

- a free-will donation in support for building projects and our special education/day care facility