2018 Mission Trip News

In 2018 we had two teams go to Kenya with one  in February and one in June. The February trip included medical people who put on a Free Medical Clinic for the community.  Over 250 people were seen and treated. This team also visited the His Arms programs and had fun interactions with all of our children. Many home visits were done with some for the new children's homes and some to medically ill home bound persons in our communities. A field trip also took place which was great fun for travelers and the children as well.

Then the June trip was one filled with much energy.  Again another Free Medical Clinic was put on with 426 patients seen.  Plus many fun activities for our His Arms children were held,  including a huge Birthday Party for all including the His Arms Children's siblings, complete with birthday gifts and birthday cakes!  Again a Field trip was taken to the Zoo with team members and some of our His Arms children.  Legos were taken in a proved to be a fun activity for boys and girls alike.  This team also taught at a local school while at the same time they held another medical clinic for ill children in that school. 

Please email Nancy Rowe for more information or to be considered for the next mission trip.

Travel and Accommodation Expense

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Watoto Education Project

- a donation in support for primary school education.


Building & Education Donation

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